Creating effective managers & leaders for your business


Almost half of the line managers in the UK consider their manager to be either ineffective or highly ineffective.

We’ll let you ponder that for a moment.

Thankfully, there’s something that can be done about it, because the situation is considerably better in organisations with effective management and leadership programmes.

We offer bespoke management and leadership programmes (MLP). Delivered in four sessions over the course of a year, your programme is built specifically for your organisation, and on your needs for that year.

And identifying those needs is something we can help you with, too.


Examples of sessions include:

  • Leading vs managing
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Values led performance coaching
  • Tools for challenging conversations
  • Mental health awareness
  • Leader promise and expectations
  • Facilitating change
  • Bringing out the best in you and your team
  • Recruiting
  • Inducting for success

What we offer

In-house leadership training, with certification

Bespoke programme

Quarterly sessions

Sessions can include leading vs managing, personal effectiveness, values led coaching, recruiting, and more

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