A mental health check for your company

It’s difficult to give an impartial view of your business. After all, you’re deeply embedded in it. You have an emotional involvement, which is only natural. An outsider’s perspective gives a less subjective evaluation, and a clearer picture – which is why we offer assessments to review your organisation’s culture and attitudes to mental health.

Think of it like a mental health check for your organisation.

It’s not about apportioning blame. It’s about recognising what’s good, and what needs to change – because a good culture is good for people, and good for your business.

We assess and then advise on policies and procedures to raise awareness and improve mental health. This can include training managers, talking to and engaging staff, and introducing an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

We can also work with you on formulating a strategy which focuses on better mental health, from recruitment to performance management.

What we offer

Organisational audit & evaluation

Strategy, policies & procedures

Advice on mental health & wellbeing

Staff engagement

Employee assistance programme

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