Supporting your team in appraisals & staff performance

Managing staff can be hugely rewarding. It also has its difficulties – especially when it comes to managing performance.

We can help.

We can support your managers with difficult and challenging conversations on performance. We can provide you with templates for appraisals and development plans. Or introduce a new 360 appraisal model for you, if you don’t already have one. We can even get involved in appraisals ourselves, in order to lead the process, add value and offer an impartial perspective.

We can coach managers in order to nurture the right working environment to encourage high performers. Provide insight for aligning your business objectives with individual KPIs.

If you need it, we can provide support, strategy and documentation for terminating employment.

What we offer

Document templates for appraisals, PIP, PDP, etc


360 appraisal models

Advice & coaching for managers

Support for managing poor performance

Performance plans

KPI alignment

Support for terminating employment

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